Game title


You can download the game along with the game manual and a printable NES box from this link to make your very own physical copy.

The core assets of the game are available (under a CC BY-NC-ND license) here.

How to play

Controls: Directions = WASD keys, A = K key, B = J key, Select = Spacebar key, Start = Enter key

This game can be played only with the keyboard, using the following configuration:

[W][A][S][D] keys
Directional controls
[K] key
A button
[J] key
B button
[Spacebar] key
Select button
[Enter] key
Start button
[F11]* key
Enter/exit full-screen mode (depends on the browser settings)
[F12] key
[9][0] keys
Lower/raise the music volume, respectively

However, tools like the excellent JoyToKey can be used to map these keys to other controllers, like, a USB NES-like controller!

View the game manual with all the information you may need here.